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HELLO there...
and WELCOME to the Gallery of:

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Misc Icon - 012 Rose Black ~ Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! ~ Misc Icon - 012 Rose Black Questions by Gentle-ShadowMisc Icon - 012 Rose Black ~ Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! ~ Misc Icon - 012 Rose Black

1. Have you ever purposely hurt yourself, even when you had no suicidal intentions?
Yes, yes it have happened.

2. Do you enjoy something other then drawing?
Anything creative! Something that allows me to create and express myself without someone stopping me.
I like to experiment with various types of techniques and methods.

Have you ever tasted blood before, if so, what was it like?
Yes, many times. Both my own and animal blood.
How it tastes? If you ever bitten your
tongue or licked a wound on blood that is how it tastes, but much more richer and intense. Like iron.
And of course it has a strong blood scent.
(But never ever drink old or rotten blood because it smells awful and can make you really sick).

4. If you could die in any way possible, what would it be and why?
Exactly how it would look like I am not sure about since there are many different ways to die.
But most likely it would not be pretty. But one thing for sure is that
I will Die in the glory of the Devil!

5. Have you ever had a strange ability no else but yourself can do?
Through the years I very often got compliments about my ability of
coming across certain details,thoughts and sometimes solutions no one else came across.

6. Do you believe in cryptology? (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra etc.)
Cryptology? I think you are referring to Cryptozoology dear :)
It does not necessarily has to be actual animals or monsters, but I do believe there are things
in our world that we rarely see or can fully explain what it is.

Science can explain many things for us, but science can't explain everything!
But mostly I am interested in the Paranormal world since I have had plenty of paranormal experiences.

7. Which do you prefer; Werewolves Or Vampires?
Mostly Vampires, but otherwise both. ;)

8. Have you ever felt on the brink of insanity?
Many times caused by severe
Depression and Despair, but I am not insane.

9. If disorders & syndromes were monsters, which would you like to have follow you?
I would gather ALL of them. And together we would create perfect chaos! :iconburningplz:

Are you excited for my upcoming comic?
Sure, I would like to read it when it's ready!

And Thank you very much
Gentle-Shadow :icongentle-shadow: for all these creative and interesting questions!

//Best regards from Satanen
This evening was very strange for me.
Of all people on this planet I was the one who ended up at the Swedish Eurovision 2015 (in Gothenburg).
Haha well, the show was nothing special but I really did enjoy to watch the work of the production team.
Also I would have liked to get my hands on those gigantic smoke machines and light effects (and not to mention the TV production cameras!).

I am not going to upload any videos or photos here, so if you are interested you can visit my facebook:…

// Regards from Satanen


satanen's Profile Picture
Cecilia.M aka "Satanen Perkele"
Female ♀ Born: 1991
Current Residence: SWEDEN - Gothenburg swedish flag small icon by Controlfreaks
■ Zodiac: Gemini ■ Animal: Goat ■ Element: Metal & Mercury
■ Interests: The Occult | Traditional Satanism

This video is a combination of my spiritual and artistic work.
WARNING: The video contains real blood and images that can be disturbing to some viewers.



For more pictures that I don't upload on Deviantart visit:

Feel free

To Read or Join my OFFICIAL
For You Satan! :iconforyousatan-fanclub:
Fan Club here on Deviantart:

My Favorite Music Genres:

:bulletred: Black Metal. ►

:bulletred: Depressive/ Suicidal Black Metal. ►

:bulletred: ✠ National Socialist Black Metal. ►

:bulletred: Classical, Ambient etc. ►

:bulletred: Other. ►

:iconsatanpentagramplz::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: :iconbaphometplz: :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::iconsatanpentagramplz:

DepressiveMadness my love...
Towards Hell we walk.

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"A Hymn to Grand Darkness: Thou whose thirst is dark, Come to taste the blood..."

Evil, Hatred, Death, Anti-religion, Anti-humanity, Anti-life.

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